Chamotte Ceramic For Sale

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Chamota ceramica

Ceramica Las Losas S.L.

Leader in the manufacture of rustic brick in Spain

Situated on the river Guajaraz in Guadamur, near Toledo, in the place that has distinguished itself as probably the most dynamic and advanced area of ​​Spain in the manufacture of ceramic materials for construction.

Chamotte Ceramic For Sale

We sell chamotte of rustic brick for wholesale, ready for grinding.


We have a batch of 5000 Tons of chamotte ready to be crushed.


In 2008, we conducted a laboratory analysis to check the properties that offered us our chamotte.

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The origins of our chamotte are found in the remains of our rustic bricks.
Due to the high temperatures to which the bricks are burned, they obtain a excellent strength properties.


If you are interested in buying this batch of 5000 tons, you can ask.



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Cerámica Las Losas S.L.

Road. CM-401; km 8,9.
45160 Guadamur (Toledo)



902 36 32 658
925 29 16 16


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